On the occasion of the convening of Forum, the Complex will publish a computer programme consisting of the following:

  1. A short introduction to the origin of the Arabic Calligraphy and its development.
  2. An introduction to the types of Calligraphic writing with specimens for every type.
  3. Teaching Naskh and Thuluth Styles of writing (al-Mufarragh and al-Munaqqat designed by the Complex). All the letters in miniature size in these two styles will appear. When you click on one of them, it will appear enlarged so that you can write with it directly on the computer. At the same time a flash programme and videoclips will appear to explain to you the ratio of each letter to the other letters. This programme aims at fulfilling one of the objectives of the Forum which is to explore ways and means of reconciling the writing styles of the calligraphers with computer fonts.
  4. A quiz programe based on questions related to Arabic Calligraphy.
  5. Specimens  from the Catalogue and the Documentary Book.

The programme will be available on CD  and can be viewed on the presentation screens in the Forum.  It will also be uploaded  in the Forum’s website.